Building better change.

We know that change happens. We also know that our world is facing unprecedented change at an accelerating rate, and these changes will have lasting impact on the way we work, lead and live. The challenge before us is knowing how to respond to these changes in such a way that we not only survive, but thrive in transition.

At Navigate, our vision is to lead the world to better change. Through content, coaching, consulting and capacity building, we help leaders make their next move.

Shaun Marshall, Principal Consultant

The Rev. Shaun Douglas Marshall is the founder of Navigate Consulting, a global network of catalysts helping to build better change. With more than 20 years of experience in non-profit, pastoral and denominational leadership, he has helped leaders to strengthen culture, shift direction and scale impact. As a coach and consultant, he has influenced organizations such as the Evangelical Covenant Church, NewThing, and the Willow Creek Association. He is also founder of Manifest Network, a global movement helping every person live on purpose.

Shaun and his wife Veronica are raising their daughter, Sage Olivia, in the Chicagoland area.

Veronica Marshall

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