CCC Revival 2016: “Spirit and Truth”

I can remember as a little kid waking up every Sunday to the sounds of my grandmother bustling to get ready for Church.

At that time, we were not a Christ-following family, we were an occasional church-going family. My grandmother was the most consistent, because she would be awake at 6am, having breakfast, getting dressed, and leaving early to get a seat.

When she came home, she would walk in, and the most interesting conversation would begin. Someone would ask, “How was the service?” And she would respond: “Oh, the service was beautiful”, or, “Service went long today”…or, the occasional, “God really moved in the service!”

Of course, by “service”, she was referring to the worship experience. And even though I knew what she meant, this would always bother me. To me, service meant helpful activity that would benefit the welfare of others. Even as a kid, I never understood how going to church to sit on the inside of a building for a few hours was really “service”.

Years later, when we became true Christ-followers, we began to understand that going to Church wasn’t about going TO service, it was about being transformed FOR service. When we gather together as believers, it is an opportunity for us to share life-changing experiences in the Presence of God that equip us to become change agents through the power of the Gospel.

God has called Community Covenant Church to be a life-changing family changing the world. As we embrace God’s vision for our Church, we desire to be true worshipers, the kind of people Jesus said the Father looks for; those who worship God not just on Sunday, but every day of their lives; those who worship Him in the Spirit of our faith traditions, but also in the truth of how we live and serve each day.

Our Summer Revival will be held June 1st through June 3rd at 7pm, and conclude on Sunday, June 5th with our worship service at 10:45am. All services will be held at our Church, located 12446 S. Loomis Street in Calumet Park, Illinois. Our revival theme is “Spirit and Truth”, as we are believing God to energize and empower us to be true worshipers, committed to serving the mission of Jesus in the world.


Archbishop William Hudson III serves as Founder and Senior Pastor of the Prayer and Faith Outreach Ministries in Chicago, Illinois, and the Presiding Bishop and Chief Prelate of the Pilgrim Assemblies International, founded by Archbishop Roy E. Brown. He holds a Master of Divinity from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has served in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years. Born to preach….born to pastor….not just another pastor with just another church, Pastor Hudson has preached in over 35 States in America and continues to touch the world with the Gospel. He is an eloquent speaker, delivering a vibrant message of hope for all audiences. He is a true gift to the body of Christ, called to “Unlock the new things of God, using the keys of the old path.”Archbishop Hudson will preach on Wednesday, June 1st at 7pm.

Rev. Dr. D. Darrell Griffin serves as the Senior Pastor of the Oakdale Covenant Church of Chicago, IL. Dr. Griffin graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He completed his Masters of Divinity Degree at the Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and successfully completed a Doctor of Ministry degree in Preaching at North Park Theological Seminary. Under Dr. Griffin’s visionary  leadership, Oakdale continues to be recognized as a haven of hope and spiritual transformation in the community, and is known as a Great Church, with Great People, Serving a Great God. His commitment to a holistic ministry has manifested itself through the tremendous growth of Oakdale to well over 2500 disciples. Oakdale Covenant Church has transitioned into a thriving congregation for all generations. Dr. Griffin will preach on Thursday, June 2nd at 7pm

Pastor Darryl A. Scarbrough serves as the Assistant Pastor at the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, where he was raised and developed in ministry under the leadership of Pastor James T. Meeks and Rev. Harvey Carey. As primary preaching assistant, he preaches regularly in the adult worship services and bible studies. In addition, Pastor Scarbrough has given leadership to the youth and young adult ministries, and is responsible for ministries that equip leaders to insure follow-up and assimilation of regular worshipers. Additionally, he assists with special projects, and works to develop young adult leaders locally and globally, ministering as far away as Cape-town, South Africa. Pastor Scarbrough will preach on Sunday, June 5th at 10:45am.

Min. Erick David Townsend is a self-proclaimed prodigy of the church. He has been a corporate lead Worshiper for the last 26 years. He has spent the last 20 years studying and developing his Theology on Worship. He recently founded a Non-Profit-Organization, Worship For 24, Inc., that desires to re-define our idea of God–focused Worship based on the models of Genesis 22, Matthew 25 and Acts 2. Min. Townsend will lead a special night of worship on Friday, June 3rd, at 7pm that will also feature prayer and prophetic ministry with Pastor Shaun Marshall, Pastor Quentin Mumphery, Pastor Darryl Scarbrough, Pastor David Washington, Min. Valonda Smith and Min. C. Terrell Wheat.

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Persons with disabilities in need of special assistance, or anyone with additional questions may call our Church Office at 708-385-7477, or e-mail for more information.

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