Learning How To Tell Your Story (video)

All of us have a story; a narrative about our lives that include beautiful memories we will always cherish, as well as painful memories we wish we could forget. And sometimes, we look at our life story and ask the question, “what did it all mean?” The reason we look for meaning from our story is because we are taught that every story has a point, or a main idea…a theme that helps us know what conclusion we should reach based upon the story we have been told.

When we look at the life of Joseph, and all of the terrible situations he experienced, we can learn what Joseph learned: that despite all of the pain, bad-breaks and setbacks we experience in life, God is powerfully at work…and when we see how God has been at work in our lives, we will learn how to tell our story.

I share more about this in the video below, taken from a message preached at the Church I grew up in, Salem Baptist Church of Chicago.

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