Transition Decisions: Bold Moves required for a SHIFT

Change is what happens to us, but transition is how we respond. I’m sure that there have been many times in which change happened in your life, and you simply didn’t have the wisdom to make the right decisions in those moments. And sadly, when we don’t know how to RESPOND TO change, we end up losing time trying to RECOVER FROM change.

In order for me to release the role of Pastor, and the congregation that I loved and served, I had to be able to recognize the changes that were happening WITHIN ME and AROUND ME, and discern the best way to move forward. I had to know how to SHIFT, and once I understood what The Lord was doing, I was able to make some bold moves to pursue HIS calling. I am so grateful that The Lord gave me the wisdom to make the right decision! And now, I’d like to join one of the world’s top leadership experts in sharing this wisdom with you.

Below are two videos that we’d like you to watch: the first is a video in which I unpack 5 principles of transition, and how wrestling with these 5 points will help us to discern how God is inviting us to change. The second is a video clip from a message by Dr. Samuel Chand, author, global leadership consultant and Manifest Faculty Member, in which he shares 5 Steps in Your Next Bold Move. Both videos can be watched in under 20 minutes (power packed content!), or you can pause and finish watching on your schedule.

After you’ve watched these videos, I encourage you to prayerfully consider (and journal) the following questions:

1. If your life up to this point were a movie, what would the title be and why? Now, let’s pretend that you must write the sequel. What would the title of THAT film be? What do you sense God telling you about the next chapter of your story?

2. Using the acronym “SHIFT” (Story, Heart, Invitations, Feasibility and Tactics), what transition decision do you believe God is calling you to make right now? What do those closest to you (your spouse, your parents, best friends, etc.) have to say about this idea?

3. How can you courageously LEAP into this transition? Who are the people you need to rally around you? How will you know when you’ve got the momentum you need to keep moving forward?

I pray that these two videos will equip you to successfully embrace your next transition.