Intentionally Shaping Culture: Creating a Context for Growth and Change

In his book, “Cracking your Church’s Culture Code, Dr. Samuel Chand asserts that culture is the most important factor in any organization, and that shaping culture is one of the most important responsibilities of senior leaders.

Every organization has a culture, the question is, are you intentionally shaping it to be the kind of culture that gives the vision of your church the best chance for survival?

This video was prepared for a training session hosted by the Great Lakes Conference of theEvangelical Covenant Church. Watch the video below to learn more.

Cracking your Church’s Culture Code: Intentionally Shaping Your Church’s Culture from Marshall & Associates on Vimeo.

Culture Code (handout you can use to follow this video)

Cracking your Church’s Culture Code Chapter 1-Sam Chand (free first chapter available for download)

Click here to purchase the book

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