Endings and New Beginnings, Part 1

On October 1st, I announced to the congregation I Pastor that I would be resigning effective December to embrace a new assignment. This series of blog posts will share my thoughts and experiences through the transition.

This past weekend, I shared with our Community Covenant Church family that I have accepted the call to serve as National Director of Congregational Vitality for the Evangelical Covenant Church. I will conclude my pastoral ministry at CCC in December, and my new assignment begins in January.

After the announcement, someone asked “how do you feel, Pastor?” The word that immediately came to mind was “gratitude”. I am beyond grateful for these past four years at CCC. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the great people of this Church, and watching what God continues to do through them in Calumet Park. I will treasure so many memories, stories and lessons learned from this assignment. Things weren’t always perfect, but what is perfect in any FAMILY? THAT is where LOVE comes in, and I truly love this Church. The undeniable fact is this: serving as Pastor of CCC has healed, blessed, strengthened and matured me in ways I could never have anticipated. At the same time, I am grateful for the opportunity to embrace a role that draws out so much of what I’ve learned and experienced over the past 20 years of life and ministry. I can honestly say that as hard as it is to end this season, I am hopeful about the next season, and I am excited to move forward in God’s call.

I will continue to serve CCC through the end of December, and would love to see as many church family members, friends and neighbors as possible during this time. I also ask for prayers for my family as well as Community Covenant Church as we experience transition and embrace new beginnings.


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