/Discover your place in God’s story

Discover your place in God’s story

All of creation is eagerly waiting for the children of God to MANIFEST.” -Romans 8:19

Since the beginning of time, many EPIC stories have been told. These stories often involve a unique cast of characters who interact with a central hero, follow a common purpose, and experience a shared adventure. EPIC stories often weave several story-lines together to point to larger and more significant narratives that we love to read and watch. But there is one EPIC story that we’re not waiting to view…this story is waiting to be lived. And that is the EPIC story of God, who has been at work throughout the ages, reconciling the world He loves back to Him.

What’s incredible about this story is that as great as it already is, it isn’t finished…and our lives have been written into the script. This means that each of us has an important role to play in God’s EPIC story. And when we struggle to be clear and confident about our unique role, it impacts the story, and limits our ability to experience it…but


Manifest2017: EPIC is a three-day experience that will help you discover your place in God’s great story. I have hosted this experience at least once a year for the past five years, and it has transformed the lives of many people trying to understand and follow God’s will for their lives. The weekend is designed to enable you to see your life the way God does, empower you to overcome the stubborn challenges that have limited your potential, and equip you with practical wisdom to make forward moving decisions that change your life. Through dynamic preaching, small group connections, practical application and more, this experience will help participants discover their true identity, realize their purpose, receive God’s calling, and prepare for their destiny.

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