Marshall & Associates Consulting

Marshall and Associates is a national consulting firm providing solutions that bring forward moving change. Our consultants are seasoned practitioners with experience transforming lives and leading organizations across a variety of contexts. We particularly understand the unique challenges of faith based organizations, and have developed relevant solutions for launching ministries, revitalizing churches, developing leaders and transforming communities. 

Our mission is simple: to move people and organizations from here to there. In serving our clients, we invest deeply in understanding the client’s current situation, and listening for a compelling vision of their future. When we have an intimate awareness of where clients want to go, and the challenges at hand, our team moves forward with solutions that create forward movement. It is for this reason we are confident that no matter where you are, and where you must go, change starts hereOur services include coaching, training and consulting, and we offer a wide variety of technical solutions that have been tailored and accumulated in our service across many different populations and contexts. 

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