Marshall & Associates Consulting


Marshall and Associates is a national consulting firm providing solutions that move vision forward. Our consultants are skilled practitioners with experience leading Churches, non-profits and small businesses in a variety of contexts. We understand the unique challenges facing leaders of faith based organizations, and have developed relevant solutions that enable forward movement in the areas of Church Planting, Change Management, Leadership Development and Execution.

Our mission is simple: we move vision forward. We are committed to providing innovative and practical solutions that empower leaders to freely pursue vision. In serving our clients, we invest deeply in learning your vision of the future. When we have an intimate understanding of where clients want to go, and the challenges at hand, our team arms them with proven strategies that move vision forward and supply them with the direction and momentum necessary to achieve their goals.

We believe that a compelling vision, a clear strategy and careful execution is an unfailing formula for success, and that is why our team is passionate about providing counsel to Pastors, Civic Leaders and Change Agents in the areas of:

  • Church Planting- developing forward-moving solutions for church planters and launch teams;
  • Culture Shaping- empowering leaders to build environments where vision can thrive;
  • Change Management– navigating organizations through defining moments;
  • Leadership Development- equipping leaders to maximize their unique potential.

We utilize a number of approaches in providing service, including:

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Solutions (tools for Worship Planning, Execution, Equipping/Evaluating leaders) and more…

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