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40 under 40

Growing up, I was never part of a denomination; I always belonged to independent churches and experienced those congregations in the lifetime of the founder or church planter. After college, I had the opportunity to become part of a new church plant that was being launched by a denomination called the Evangelical Covenant Church. I must admit…initially, I had my guards up (I had already experienced white evangelicalism and, sadly, found myself profoundly discouraged in most of those experiences).

What I would find in the Covenant was a refreshing and engaging experience with people who were not only committed to biblical orthodoxy I was raised in, but who were also passionate about authentic reconciliation, true justice, spending real dollars to build life-changing ministry in the toughest places, and raising a new generation of young men and women from a mosaic of communities to lead. I have also formed friendships and connections that have survived the tests of time and distance. More than a decade after first meeting these “mission friends”, I still find no better home to grow in my devotion and service to Christ than in the Covenant.

For that reason, I’m humbled to be mentioned in the article below, “40 under 40”. I am so very grateful for my mission family, and it is a joy to learn the incredible stories of the leaders I will join in serving this movement for years to come.

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